We always enjoy going to EPCOT.  All the attractions are good.  Two of our favorites seem to be The Land and The Living Seas.  Innoventions has many interesting things to see and do.  We can easily spend a couple of hours in each one.  And, you can also breeze through in 30 minutes.  If you'll be going on Test Track, get a Fast Pass for it; otherwise, you could be waiting in line a long time.  Test Track sometimes has mechanical delays, too.  I would say, make Test Track one of your first stops during the day to get your fast pass.  One nice thing about fast pass is it gives you a time to come back, for example, between 2 and 3.  When we were there, that meant you could enter anytime past 2 PM, even if it was 4 PM!  We have even used our fast passes on our way out in the evening way past our time, and they still let us go in.

The World Showcase is really neat to walk around.  Each of the 11 countries has fun things to look at and to do.  Mexico's boat ride is nice and relaxing.  Sometimes, there will be live mariachi music in the Mexico building.  Norway has a fun play gym and a not-as-relaxing boat ride.  China has a neat movie and really good acrobat shows.  We usually get to the outdoor shows 15 minutes ahead of time so we can sit right in front.  America has a fife and drum show, sometimes the kids will be picked to help.  Japan has a small museum, which is fun to go in and look at.  Probably one of our most favorite things to do is to watch Miyuki.  She is a candy artist who makes beautiful creations for free for the children.  We make sure we get to her booth 15 minutes ahead of time, and we wait front and center for her.  We have always had good luck, and she has always made candy for us.  The Japanese drummers are fun to watch.  Morocco has a belly dancing show.  It's amazing to see them contort their bodies.  Italy has something called The Living Statues.  These are really something to see.  The makeup and costuming are amazing!  The UK and Canada have bands, and Canada has a movie.  The countries offer other things, but these are the ones we always try to catch.

In the past the countries have all had a kid craft table.  So, as you "go around the world", you can stop and do what the country has to offer.  At Christmastime, we made ornaments.  During the millennium celebration, we made masks. You can still make them today.  Check to see if the countries have "Kid Cot at EPCOT". 

One nice souvenir from EPCOT is a passport.  The kit has a passport-styled booklet, stickers, and a button.  The idea is to put your stickers in the passport, and as you go through each country, meet with someone from that country and have them sign your passport.  They will usually write something in their native language for you, too.  The cost of this is about $10.  It keeps the adventure through the World Showcase even more fun because it's fun to get the passport filled.  It's also fun to meet with people from other countries.

Another nice souvenir to get for the kids is an autograph book if they are into seeing characters.  Characters are very accessible at all the parks.

EPCOT has many very good places to eat.  We've eaten in Norway, UK, Italy, China, and Japan at their fancier restaurants.  All of our meals and service were very good.  One time we ate in the UK for a later seating (around 8).  We also ate on the porch giving us front row seats for Illuminations.  People in the restaurant also come out and stand on the porch.  Just don't be under the awning  you won't see the fireworks as well.  Norway was a surprise as to how much we all liked it.  Japan is fun because they cook at your table.  The restaurants in the countries can be very expensive, but all of them offer kid menus.  The restaurants are more traditional dishes from the countries, which is a great part of the experience of EPCOT.

One of our favorites in Future World is at the Garden Grille in The Land.  It's an all you can eat table service restaurant.  They start you off with a sunflower bread and a mixed greens salad with ranch dressing.  The main course offers London Broil, fried catfish (very good), mac and cheese, vegetables, some sort of potato, stuffing, baked chicken, chicken fingers, and steak fries.  Desserts are very good.  Kids get a cup of "dirt".  Which is Oreo cookis and pudding with a few worms.  For the adults, the dessert varies.  In the summer, it was strawberry shortcake, as much as you want.  In the winter it was a warm sliced cinnamon apples with whipped cream and a light pastry shell drizzled with caramel, as much as you wanted!  All soft drinks, coffee, tea, and milk are included in the price.  If you go there, go there hungry.  This place also has Mickey Mouse, Chip, Dale, and Pluto coming around to greet you.  I recommend sitting on the outer circle.  You get a better view of the Land ride as the whole restaurant rotates.  For dinner the price runs $20 for adults and $10 for kids.

For counter service, we like America and Electric Umbrella. 

Illuminations is a great night show.  It's probably my favorite.  Be sure to have a good view of the center of the World Showcase Lagoon and a clear view of the sky.  Do not stand in the direction of the wind.  You won't want the firework smoke blowing your way.  Our favorite spot to stand is in China along the rail.  As you stand with your backside on the rail, if you look straight ahead, you'll see the Nine Dragons Restaurant.  To your right will be cement benches.  To you left will be a Chinese toy cart.  While waiting for Illuminations, the kids like playing with the display toys on the Chinese toy cart.  This keeps them very entertained.  The story behind Illuminations is of creating planet Earth.  It's a short show (about 12 to 15 minutes) but a great show.  Another great spot is at the restaurant at the United Kingdom.

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